Nurturing Your Creativity

Posted Saturday, March 13, 2010 you know, I'm reading crafting a business. Tonight I read the section titled 'Nurturing Your Creativity' and I wanted to share the highlights :)
Serendipity aside, the refined concept that is key to a thriving business is unlikely to leap full-blown from your brain. It takes time, thought, and experimentation for the germ of an idea to mix with your specific skill or passion and grow into a vision you can articulate clearly and realize as a viable venture. The process is different for everyone.. Here are thoughts to get you started.

~Give yourself room....just listen to your heart and don't pay attention to what other people say.

~Life gives you clues...Meet people. It's amazing how a conversation or even one word can make something 'click'.

~Honor your passion...Sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil and write down everything you like and can do.

~Trust yourself...I have a page in my sketchbook, and when I'm feeling all scared and think 'this is not going to work' I write down all the good things that have happened.

~Stay focused...It's easy to get distracted, and it's easy to look over your shoulder. Be passionate about what you do and be quality oriented.

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