5 Life Skills Every Kid Needs

Posted Saturday, March 27, 2010

I just finished reading a most interesting article in Parenting Magazine. I wanted share some snippets. If you'd like to read the entire article - it is from the April 2010 Issue called Parenting Early Years. You can read more at Parenting.com and also find them on twitter and FaceBook.

5 Skills Every Kid Needs

1. How to be a loser
~Not the good for nothing loser but how to loose at something and still be okay.
!Lead by example...Model being a good loser over and over.

2. How to be a joiner
~Not that your child should be indistinguishable from the flock, but knowing how to join in an activity or a preexisting group.
!Teach your child to recognize the 'friendly vibes' that certain kids in the group may be giving off. Eye contact...instead standing outside the circle and asking 'can I play' and not being heard by anyone. They should approach the child that is making eye contact and smiling.

3. How to fight for what's right
~Being the defender of someone lower on the social food chain than you is enormously scary- it can feel as though your entire social survival is at stake, which is why almost all kids need help to do so. Having both the confidence and the moral judgment to not only refuse to join in the teasing but also walk away or even better stand up for what's right.
!All this takes is basic conversation...kids instinctively know that its wrong to hurt someone elses feelings.

4. How to be a good actor
~Knowing which emotions to reveal and which ones are better kept under wraps, to be expressed later. It also means learning ho to be less than honest at times for the sake of others feelings. You will no doubt teach your child to say to his well meaning great aunt who didn't get him a Wii 'Thank you, I can really use these thermal tube socks'.
!This one is all about impulse control. You can teach them how to keep from blurting out by giving simple guidelines and steps.

5. How to question authority
~A kid who questions authority and manages to do so respectfully and effectively is a kid who will do well for himself in the long run.
!Kids question authority naturally - the key is to guide them on how to do it politely and on your end, say yes whenever possible

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