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Posted Thursday, January 22, 2015

Making a Dolls House from shoe boxes

Here in Australia my children are about to start back to school and that has meant new shoes.  So since I have lots of empty shoe boxes I have been making some shoe box doll house rooms with the kids. 
Each shoe box can be a different room and the boxes can be stacked alongside one another or on top of one another if you want a multi story doll house.  
I have made a living room opening out to a garden in this tutorial.

1. Gather supplies including shoe box, patterned papers, cardboard frames, glue and sticky tapes.
2. Cover inside of the shoe box with patterned paper of your choice. I chose a pretty patterned pink for the feature wall and white walls for the sides.  I have made a mirror from one of the cardboard frames by gluing foil behind it and then attaching it to the back wall.
3. Use the lid of the shoe box as the garden.  Add green paper as grass and some flower embellishments. I have added material for carpet, another frame with blue paper behind as a window and a black box as a seat.

4. Now its time to get creative. Add a garden path made from brick shaped pieces of paper, a garden pond from blue cellophane, a picket fence from some twigs or cut a door into the side of the shoe box. As you get more shoe boxes extend the doll house to include different room of the house - bedroom, kitchen, garage, bathroom etc.

When not in use the shoe box doll house can be packed away and stored easily without taking up too much space.

By Mel from Creative Wishes
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