Upcycled Apple Tree Craft

Posted Monday, October 27, 2014

Another fun Fall project is making  apple trees from toilet paper rolls, construction paper, and saved colored tissue paper. Before you start the art project you could read an apple themed book like  "Dappled Apples." It's a great book about the start of Fall and all the new activities and changes that happen in the Fall.  This project is suitable for small children who might need a few items cut for them and older children who can do most of this project on their own.

What you'll need:
toilet paper rolls
green construction paper
left over red, green, and yellow tissue paper


Have an adult cut a 1 inch slit on each side of the toilet paper roll. This is where you will slide the green paper in.
Pre-cut green trees tops out of green construction paper
Have the child tear off and bunch up little pieces of tissue paper( a great small motor skill) They will be the apples.
Have the child glue the apples onto the tree.
When they apples are dry take the green paper and slide it into the slits at the top of the toilet paper roll.
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