Calling all Super Heroes .....its a Super Hero Party !

Posted Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Every little boy loves Super heroes ! why wouldn't they want to be one ? They are cool , They have super powers, They can fly and they always save the day ! I think making this into a birthday theme is a great Idea. The best part about this theme is that there are so many hero's to work with. The colors are bright and bold . If its Batman or Superman or Captain America the colors you can include  are Yellows, Reds, Blues, Black and White But if you don't want to use the actual commercial superhero you don't have to either ! That's whats great about etsy's new Custom Order button you can ask the sellers a question or throw them the challenge to make something your way !

Location can be anywhere where with this theme. Look into cool Science museums in the area where the kids are free to dress up and play a lot of states have these types of children's museums and they love birthday parties ! Of Course home inside or out is another great space where you can decorate yourself and the party ends when you say so .

Once the party location and date are set then time to shop for invites. Here are two great options a Printed version that comes printed and assembled for you by TooCuteInvites .They are bright and have your superhero flying right above ! The second option are a Print your own invite by BardDesigns where you get a digital file and have it printed at any Staples, OfficeMax , Walgreens etc. These have your city scape and 2 great super heroes ready to save the city ! Both great options and I am sure both can make matching Party accessories as well for you .
After you have those picked out and ready to mail you can focus on your little guys outfit for the day and for this case any time he wants to be a superhero ! The Cape , Wristband and Mask from MagicalAttic is made to your little guys Initial and in many color combos . This will last him for years of make believe play after his birthday ! Don't want to buy the whole outfit and just want to Accessories his look then check out these great wristbands from Myplaygroundlove It is made of felt and can be worn with jeans and a tee for those older "cooler" super heroes. 
Favors are great little gifts and mementos for your guests and these are perfect for your super party to be complete ! Again they are great for that day but anytime the kids get together to play as well. These water bottles from Nickwilljack are personalized for your party and its made of aluminum and super sturdy for active boys. The adorable ring from Worldofwhimm are super comfy made with a felt band and can be worn by older children to complete the look ! These Favor bags by Westmama can hold all these items in style and personalized with the child's age and many color options as well!
The masks by CopusHagenDesigns are great for your kids to wear anytime they are made with felt and are comfy too ! also can be made to match your party theme colors and more ! Then if you really want them to get the complete super hero complete outfit to match the birthday boy then check out these capes by KlassiKreations  they are light weight and great for playtime also available in other colors too ! They are all great gifts to give and the boys and girls will love them as they can be made in pinks, purples etc for all the super girls invited!
Decorations and set up should be bright and very big I love these felt banner from Twinsandcrafts its also fantastic for room decor after the party ! it is fully custom made for your child. The second item is a decoration and an activity as well . This Comic book kit by TheColorloft is great to leave on the tables where your guests will be sitting and then have them make there own comic strips with die cuts, pencils and glue ! great way to build memories together and sharing there comics !
More great decor and activity ideas is setting up a comic city scene with old cardboard boxes and some black, silver and any other color you like ! Simply paint the boxes and stack them to make buildings add a dark starry backdrop and you have a great photo spot to take pics of them all together saving the city ! Another east entertaining fix is having there favorite superhero fly in for a bit whether it be a professional or dad in costume I am sure they will be thrilled !
Every Hero needs energy and what's better then food to keep them fueled ! some cute Ideas are Mini Pizza webs - Make mini English muffin pizzas and have the mozzarella patterned in a web for a great effect ! Add Grapes to skewers and make them Grape laser wands . Cover Oreos in a yellow colored white chocolate and add words such as POW and BAM ! Buy Bat cookie cutters and make Batman cookies or mini sandwiches !  Red and blue jello in white containers for captain America is a cute treat too !
Use your imagination and ask for your child's help ! it is there day and they want there stamp on it as well and well save the day ! I hope you enjoyed this months theme as much as I did and please remember to check back next month for more !
Not only do they have great products but some great coupons too ! thank you to all the shops that participated !
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Happy Celebrating

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Ana Seixas said...

Great post Adriana! So much good ideas! Thank you for including my Superheroe name banner :)

Adriana Too Cute Invites said...

Anytime !!! Thank you !!

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