Tutorial:: Teeny Tiny Preemie Clothes

Posted Thursday, April 04, 2013

By AnneMarie of Charleedee

My Brother and his wife recently had a little girl. Miss E was born early and very small! A Teeny Tiny 3.6lbs Not wanting her to be a Nakie Baby (because nothing fits) while in the NICU I set out to find an adorable pattern to make her some clothes.

There is not much out there for Tiny Preemie Clothing so after searching I found a site that had some Patterns (see link at the bottom of the post)

I altered the patterns to a side closure, because a bow is so much cuter then a front Velcro closure, and I lengthened the sleeves because Miss E has nice long arms.

There is Velcro that runs along the top of the sleeves so her Nurses can access all her cords, and the front Kimono style closure allows cords to easily feed out.

The other modification I made is I lined them. Preemies have SUCH delicate skin the idea of seams rubbing up against her little skin made me cringe. So my recommendation if you choose to make them is to cut double of everything. Assemble them and then sew right sides together along the entire outside edge, leaving a small spot along the bottom of the gown to turn it right side out, then top stitch. This makes it look so much more finished and so much softer! This also allows you to use a cotton on the exterior (if you want more variety of print) and line it with a flannel so it’s still softer inside for baby.

Hope you are inspired! Remember Altering patterns is easy! Don’t be afraid to try something different.

Pattern available Here!

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