Bring the Outdoors in: Worm Terrarium

Posted Monday, September 10, 2012

By Christine of Belly Bear Baby Gear

No collecting baskets will be needed for this outdoors to indoors adventure.  All you will need is a sturdy glass container (small fish bowl, old spaghetti or mayonnaise jar), some nice rich soil and your bare hands.  We will be making a worm terrarium for your children to observe and investigate indoors.


To begin with find yourself a nice rich patch of soil to dig into.  Your summer vegetable garden that you are preparing to put to bed for the fall would be the perfect location.  Let your little ones dig right in and see what they discover.

As they dig, encourage your children to fill the jar you have provided them with some of that beautiful dirt.

 About two scoops in, look what we found!  A gardens best friend, the earthworm.  Young children will often squeal with delight at the sight of a wriggling worm. 

Put that little guy right into your jar full of beautiful soil and don't forget to add a few bits of rotting vegetation for him to snack on.  Sean was happy to add this rotten tomato to the jar.  It will be best to find several worms to add to your terrarium.  This way your children will be able to observe them as they tunnel and dig through the soil.

Bring your terrarium right into your children's work/play space and talk with them about safe ways to observe the worms at work.  Providing them with tools such as magnifying glasses and paper and pencil will allow them the opportunity to examine the worms closely and document what they see.  Don't forget to lightly moisten the soil each day or you will have another type of experiment on your hands.

Sean went immediately to his activity table following nap time
Digging right in.  Who can resist dirt?

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