A Space of Her Own: Mom N Mia Quilts

Posted Monday, September 05, 2011

Today we stop in Grand Rapids Michigan for a tour of Mom N Mia's Quilts. Maria Klesney makes everything from quilts to bibs and her signature Art Buckets in her studio, which takes up about 1/3 of her basement/lower level. She only shares it with her stacks of fabric!

She used to take over the entire kitchen and then some for sewing. As her business (and fabric stash) started to grow, they decided to finish off the basement so she could have a space dedicated to her work. The open floor plan (only 3 walls) allows the kids their own play room on one side, while her husband has an office on the other side of her studio space. They can all converse and see what the others are doing all the time. The space is a large daylight basement, with a great casement window above her sewing desk for lots of natural light.

Even though her studio is part of a larger shared area, her family knows not to mess with "Mom's Stuff".
The kids occassionally raid her notions drawers for ribbons, buttons, etc., but they are generally hands off. Her 5-year old loves to help her pin fabric together in prep for sewing. She tries to keep it pretty organized, but still manages to misplace things . . . like the piece of fabric she special ordered for a custom project...it's in there somewhere!!

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