Tutorial:: Summer Sponge Balls

Posted Saturday, August 20, 2011

I am so happy it's summer. Pools & water play are my Bug's favorite! She got a water table last year for her birthday and we now live at a complex with a pool! Hooray! I just made these Sponge Balls last weekend and figured today was the perfect day to give you a little how to so you can have some summer fun with them!

You will need:
Sponges {I got a pack of 3 for $1}
Dental Floss
{and an extra pair of hands would be helpful...me, I just did it myself somehow!}
Here's what you do:

Cut up your sponges into strips. I did about 4 strips per sponge.

Now take a few different colored strips and pile them on top of each other. You may want to use more than I did. Mine didn't come out very full, but I didn't have enough hands to handle more by myself.

Here is where the extra set of hands come in handy. Twist them tight and tie a strand of floss around the center. I couldn't take a pic of me tying the floss and twisting since I only have 2 hands. Wish I had more some days!

Now it should look like a little sponge pom pom ball!

Throw them in a water table or a bath tub! You can also use them with older kids as water bombs and try to tag each other with them!

Brought to you by Lauren from crocheting4baby {and} Tutus & Tea Parties

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