Tree Trimming with Auntie Robin

Posted Monday, July 25, 2011

Today Auntie Robin shares one of her Christmas Traditions.
While I have only two daughters, my extended family is very big. I have been an aunt all my life and now have 76 nieces and nephews!! That’s counting my nieces and nephews, their children and even their grandchildren! Hence the name of my etsy shop, Auntie Robin.
With such a large family, buying that many Christmas gifts is out of the question. Many years, ago I started making Christmas ornaments every year for all the kids. I try to make something different each year with fabric, felt, and/or embroidery. My favorites so far have been little fabric stockings and wool felt ice skates. I’ve made personalized snowmen, gingerbread men, mittens, candy canes, you name it! Everyone thinks it’s fun to see what this year’s ornament will be. I usually sweeten the gift with a little cash or candy.
I love making the ornaments and other gifts. It’s heart-warming to hear that these are some of the kids’ favorite ornaments. One of my adult nieces has a separate tree in her home decorated only with ornaments I’ve given them. She has five children so over the years they’ve received a lot of them! A couple of years ago another niece gave away all their ornaments except for the ones I’ve made them. Now that she has little ones of her own, she appreciates that these ornaments can’t be broken!
It’s time for me to start making ornaments for this year’s gift-giving. I won’t mention what they are, but I’d better get busy!
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Lilikins said...

"Auntie Robin" - thank you for this blog entry, we've posted a link to it on Facebook in case you have access:

Thanks again (76 WOW!) said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

I can't imagine not knowing a time when you weren't an Aunt! What an interesting story--76 nieces and nephews? One thing is sure, your family has some secret passcode to fertility! ;o) Congrats on your big, happy family...and I'm so tickled to know the back story on your shop name!

7/25/11 5:07 PM

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

WOW! I can't even imagine trying to get gifts for 76 people! What a wonderful tradition you've started by making ornaments for everyone. That's such a meaningful and personal gift that has been and will be treasured for many years!

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