The Handmadeology Top Ten Contest

Posted Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Etsykids Team is participating in the Handmade Top 10 Etsy Team Challenge. The contest will select the top ten handmade items from a variety of Etsy teams. It is designed to give Etsy Teams more exposure and give them an opportunity to win an advertising package worth $450. The winning team will also be able to purchase our Social Media Bundle worth $24 for a deep discounted price of $5.

If you are one of our Etsykids shoppers, you can support your favorite shops by clicking HERE to vote in the pole. If you are an Etsykids Team member, you can promote your shop, and help the team win.

To list your items, click HERE to go the the HandMadeology site. Be sure to hit the "Back to Lists" link right under the "handmadeology" logo, then look for the EtsyKids List link. You can enter two items from your shop. Those items must be tagged exactly with'etsykids team'. You will need the listing number for those items, found in the information box on the right side of your item screen.

Team members and shoppers, don't forget to promote the list, using the easy to use links on the Handmadeology website.

Voting closes July 6th! Get Listing! Get Voting!

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