Raising Money for Japan

Posted Monday, March 21, 2011

Around the world people are looking for ways to ease the suffering in Japan. Money is the universal item that is needed most. Money allows humanitarian aid organizations to meet specific needs as they arise ... be they food, water, medical supplies, blankets, clothing, shelter, clean up ... rather than waiting for needed donations to come in.

Crafter's and Etsy sellers have realize this from the beginning. With each disaster that has hit our planet, they have donated their goods and services, their time and talents, to raise money for organizations to instantly and strategically put to use in devastated areas.

These four EtsyKids sellers are no different, lillollipop, thetrendytot, 1PixiePlace, gracehesterdesigns. They are donating a significant portion (50% - 100%!) of the sale of their item(s) to Japan Relief Efforts through large well established aid organizations. Please join them in giving aid and relief to Japan by purchasing a qualifying item and see your dollar do double duty!

Lotus Blue Kimono Wrap Dress 50% to Doctors w/out Borders by lillollipop
Japanese Flag Skirt 50% to American Red Cross by thetrendytot
Hello Kitty I Spy Bag 100% to American Red Cross by 1PixiePlace
Thank You Cards in Japanese 100% to Save the Children by gracehesterdesigns

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The Trendy Tot said...

thanks for helping me get the word out and help raise money for this cause!

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