Monday Organizing

Posted Monday, January 24, 2011

This week we're sharing two organizing DIY projects to keep small things together and at your finger tips while shopping, so you can save time and money.

FIRST:: Shopper Card Key Ring
, from TinyStitches

Lots of stores now offer customer cards, shopper cards. They are free cards the store uses so they can offer you special discounts and coupons. My poor wallet didn't have enough card slots, so I implemented this tip I saw on the Martha Stewart Living TV show during her first season.

Round up the supplies::
Your non-credit card, plastic cards (reward card, library card, grocery card, preferred customer card, video rental card, etc.). Cards that are scanned (bar code) are better than those that are swiped (magnetic strip), but you can* make the swiped ones work too.
A key ring.
A single hole punch.

Double check the back of the card for the placement of the bar code and/or magnetic strip. Select a corner that is free from the bar code or magnetic strip and punch in approximately the same location in each card. *Cards with a magnetic strip that need to be fully inserted into a card reader are better off not being stored on this ring, as the placement of the punch and ring make it very difficult to get the card full inserted into card readers.

Once every card is punched, start threading them on the key ring, working carefully so the card doesn't break. Now you can drop the ring into your bag and because their are a half dozen or so on the ring, they will be easy reach for.

SECOND:: Beautified Coupon Organizer Tutorial, from RaeGun

Earlier this month, Modern Handmade Child Magazine launched a new feature, their blog. If you love the great ideas, projects and information shared in Modern Handmade Child Magazine, you're going to love the resources shared on the blog too!

For example, last week EtsyKids Team Member, RaeGun shared how to beautiful a very plain and very plastic coupon organizer. So find your oh so boring plastic coupon holder, get a piece of fabulously chic fabric, dust off your basic sewing skills and make yourself one of these cuties so you can save yourself some money in style!

Visit the Modern Handmade Child blog for the full tutorial.

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