7 Days to an Organized you....well....

Posted Saturday, June 05, 2010

...so here I go again - organizing attempt number 10,329...tisk! I saw this one on Yahoo's home page and fell in love (as I always do) because it's just a little bit every day - -doesn't seem quite as overwhelming! I'm very excited to get started Monday! I won't type out the entire article because you can read and print it for yourself HERE ...but I will hit the high points!

MONDAY: Organize your in-box: Slip into the office an hour early for an uninterrupted cleaning session.

TUESDAY: Calm Cabinet Chaos. Roll up your sleeves and tackle your kitchen Cabinets.

WEDNESDAY: Create a hassle free hall closet. Plow through the gear crowding the closet.

THURSDAY: Lick the linen Closet. Pull out all like items and organize by shelf.

FRIDAY: Manage your meds. Sort through the prescriptions in your medicine cabinet.

SATURDAY: Draft your family. Time to include them in the organization efforts. Identify on a cleaning schedule weekly and monthly tasks for each person.

SUNDAY: Plot your pleasures. This day is all about you! Order Take out, spin your favorite tunes and resist the boob tube temptation. In a notebook, scribble wish lists...

Ok Divas - I'm outtie - we've been at the pool all day and now we're gonna watch the Wolfman and Alice and Wonderland...for the 1000th time! hee hee

1 comment:

Sharon said...

I am NOT licking my linen closet!

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