Im Back in the Eworld FINALLLLLLY!!!!! :)

Posted Saturday, February 06, 2010

Hi Sweets! I have been offline (except via my phone) for the last 4 months and OMG!!! I thought I was gonna DIE! But as of 2 days ago I'm back online with a brand new laptop and Im so Excited!! Ive been up until 2am almost every morning playing and catching up!

So! lets see...whats new here - we have been buried under snow for the last 2 months - we just had a new storm roll through on Friday and there is another coming on Tuesday - sheesh! They have taken 2 days of the kids spring break (((UGH)))) I hate it when they do that! I wish they would just let them make it up on Saturday or take it off their summer break. We are actually going on vacation this year!

I've become completely addicted to the movie Julie and Julia. I rented it 3 times then bought it when I got paid and its pretty much been going non stop on my dvd for weeks. I just put the settings on repeat. The kids know it- line for line! LOL! So Roman - the 8 year old - says to me last week "mom, if butter is so bad for you how did Julia live to be 92 and Paul 94?" :) So I had to think for a second b/c im the one preaching to not eat so much butter - but what I realized is that we dont eat butter - we eat margerine - which is only a couple of molecules away from being plastic. So I've started a new 'real food' campaign in my house - no more rubber or plastic food!

And in that spirit I thought I'd share one of the real recipes that my kids LOVE they would absolutely eat it 7 days a week! I've been making it for 10 years and its the best broccoli and cheese on the planet - no plastic butter or rubber cheese - its all real and all in the microwave! DE-LISH!

Ingredients: 2 bags broccoli Florettes
1 stick butter
1 large bag colby/jack cheese

-put 1 bag of broccoli into a casserole dish/slice butter up on top of it/ then add the 2nd bag of broccoli on top
-cover with plastic wrap and microwave for 10 minutes/let set for 2 minutes when finished
-drain water from broccoli(very important)
-toss in 3/4 bag of cheese - mix it in well then top with the remaining 1/4 bag of cheese
-re-cover with the plastic wrap and microwave another 10 minutes
(it will be super hot when its finished to let is set for a couple minutes)

By the way...if there are any Julie and Julia fans in the house - I found the recipe for the delicious looking bruchetta that Julie fixes for herself and Eric the night she decides to actually start a blog. You can see the recipe here!

AND I just bought Julia Childs book 'My life in France' last weekend and so far it's a GREAT read!

...and just for fun - and Valentines Day...look at thes adorable hearts I've been making! I doing homemade Valentines this year and these little cuties will be the front! If you crochet - this is for you - they take less than 2 minutes to create! Ive made all size and with all types of yarn!

Chain 4
Make 3 Triple Crochets in First Chain Stitch
Then 3 Double Crochets
Chain One
Triple Crochet
Chain One
*Then do the mirror image on the other side*
3 Double Crochets
3 Triple Crochets
Chain 3
Pull through and tie off! Its that simple! and Super Fast!
Thank you to Little Birdie Secrets for this fantastic pattern!


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

i forgot to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Ive really missed talking to ya!

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