Aaaaaaah! The New Year is Finally here :)

Posted Friday, January 01, 2010

I have been so excited to start seems like this year has been in slow motion - almost like walking through sand - not in a bad way, just moving slow.

The New Year always seem to be a fresh start and very exciting! Are you excited? Surely you are - tell me you are!!! Do you have the list of 500 things that you will improve this year, personally and professionally? NO? ...yeah, I know - when you're perfect - it's hard to find anything to improve on...I totally understand! LOL! but seriously....

I have a rather long list of goals that I will be starting on immediately! The first of which is spend more time with my kiddos...even if i don't get around to sewing until the weekends - that's my number 1 goal! Number 2 - I'm gonna turn my house (that I'm always complaining about) into a place I want to live - one room at a time, even if it takes me all year. And thirdly, I'm gonna to be fervent about keeping my finances in check -IF IT KILLS ME!!!!

SO! There's my top 3....anyone care to share what some of there goals for this year are? We'd love to hear! I hope you all had wonderful celebrations with your family and friends! Here's to a healthy and productive 2010! XO

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Anonymous said...

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