Happy Holidays from my Biz Classes to you! ;)

Posted Saturday, December 05, 2009

HOWDY!!! I feel like I've been gone for years! LOL! Since I've taken up business classes - my world has shut down for the most part - well, the creative parts anyway - I have 2 more weeks and then Ill be back to my normal, blabbing, tweeting, facebooking, sewing and listing self! YAY! The saying that you don't know what you got until it's gone is SO true - ;)

So today I wanted to share a little nugget from my class - and that is identifying your target market. Until you do this - how will you know how to market your wares?

The two questions to ask yourself is who is my audience and what do they expect.

Now, of course at first when I asked myself who is my audience the simple answer is 'mothers of little girls' BUT you have to dig deeper than that - who REALLY are they - are they high, middle or low income--how old are they--do they shop online or in stores--what region do they live, etc...

Then you have to dig to find out what they expect > price, quality, turn around time, customer service, style, etc..
Fortunately in this day and age we have so many resources online that you can find out any and everything about your target market!

Once you've answered these two questions you will have a foundation to build your marketing plan around - and you can stop wasting time on unnecessary steps and focus on what matters to the people who buy from you!

I hope you all continue to have a blessed holiday season! XO


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