Posted Monday, May 25, 2009

Apparently, in this tech-savvy-text-messaging-society, .02 means "my two cents worth." I did a Google search of chat language, and I was overwhelmed!
While I use the occasional acronym, I think it's sad that so many teenagers are losing the art of writing due to constant texting. English is becoming a second language and Text-speak has become common-place. Gone are the days of Pig-Latin and decoder rings, now we need chat acronym dictionaries.

While I don't think that teenagers actually use Text-speak when they're talking (though, I don't personally have teenagers yet), I've read about how some have a hard time writing research papers; and it's no wonder when some are sending up to 8,000 text messages a month! The comic Zits even makes fun of how texting has replaced speaking as a way to communicate.

While I'm all for technology and it's advancements, there comes a point where the convenience factor outweighs the benefits. I wonder what would happen if there was a National No-Texting Day. Would we cease to exist? Wander aimlessly wondering what to do with all of the free time? Curl into the fetal position and rock back and forth waiting for tomorrow?

I have witnessed the effects of no-texting as a punishment for a teenage boy. This boy could not get through eating dinner, playing a wii game or a having a normal conversation without answering/sending a text. When the phone was turned off he was pouting more and talking less. Perhaps it was out of anger, but apparently some people don't realize how rude it is to be carrying on another conversation when you're already in one.

Anyway, I've had my ".02" and I suppose I may look out-of-the-tech-loop, but hey, give me conversation and a cuppa coffee over an "OMG, did UC the QTPI @ the PRT?!" any day.

Thank goodness this commercial has subtitles! Ironically, going with unlimited text sounds like the wrong idea.

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Shannon said...

So true! I have yet to enter the world of text-messaging. Heck, I don't even really use my cell phone, haha! This post reminds me of the movie "Idiocracy". It is hysterical, yet somewhat sad in its truth. Just to warn you though, if you watch it, save it for after the kids are in bed, as it's not really family-appropriate (lots of bad language - in more ways than one). :D

Rebekah said...

heehee - I have to agree! Give me a call & we'll chat about it :D

We are the sandwich generation when it comes to electronic messaging - our kids won't know life without it, while our grandparents & parents probably have never used it. Technology is a strange thing to me.

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