Sensory Activity:: Puffy Paint ABC Cards

Posted Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bug is starting to learn her letters. She knows a good amount already and she can write an H {the first letter of her name}. I love having some hands on ways to learn so I came up with this for letter learning. Bug seems to like them and we have been working on one letter at a time each week. I have all the letters she knows in one pile and the ones to learn in another so she can play games with the letters she learned. I am thinking about gluing a photo of the letter sign on the back to help her with signing her letters when I'm not there to show her the sign.

What you will need:
-microwave puffy paint recipe {found here}
-writing utensil {I used a Sharpie}
-cardboard {we used an old box}
-food coloring
-scissors/razor blade
-a squeeze bottle or a spoon

What to do:
-cut 26 small-ish squares out of your cardboard {big enough to write a letter on}
-draw in marker a letter on each square
-make the microwave puffy paint {I doubled the recipe and had a little more than enough}
-using your squeeze bottle {I used a spoon} trace the letter with your puffy paint
-microwave according to instructions below the recipe {I think we did it for about 25 seconds}

Here are some things you can use these for:
Have your children trace along the letters with their fingers.
Do crayon rubbings with the letters. {not sure how well these would work...but it would be worth a shot}
Make words with the letter squares.
Spread them all out, mix 'em up and have a letter search.
Glue a photo of something that begins with that letter or a photo of the ASL sign for that letter.

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