Got Confidence?

Posted Saturday, May 16, 2009

Confidence....everyone needs it...lots of people struggle with it...

~As a woman, mother and especially as an entrepreneur - confidence is the foundation we ALL need to the building, that is our life. Most women have strong confidence in specific areas like mothering or cooking and for me its sewing - but lack it in other places like presentation, self ability and for me its decision making, I always second guess my self.

No matter how we feel about 'leading ladies' we can learn TONS from them about self confidence and representation. They make you feel - that they are on top of the world - that they own it even - and WE should omit the same confidence in all aspects of our lives.

I am currently reading the book 'Fabulosity' by Kimora Lee Simons. She is an example of a woman has worked her hardest, since the age of 15, to create a name and image for herself through mountains of adversity- growing up a by-racial child with features that earned her nicknames like 'chinky giraffe' (she was over 6' tall at 13) to name one - to becoming a super model, mogul and multi-business owner - confidence is her middle name.
I'd like to share Kimora's guaranteed top five confidence tips with you today. Im the first to admit that change is hard and it takes lots of repetition before good habits take hold - but we can start to put them into practice to create a Fab Vibe in all our lives.

1. Never say Never : Any time you think you can't - you can't! Whatever you belive and know about yourself is what it's going to be.

2. Fake it 'til you make it: Tell yourself that your great even when some part of you is doubting it.

3. Trust that there is a reason you are there, not someone else: Tell yourself " I'm here because I deserve to be here, not because of chance or some mistake!" (I should have reviewed this one before my meeting this week - LOL!)

4. Believe other peoples confidence in you, even when you don't believe it yourself: when someone compliments you or your efforts say 'Thanks!' not 'well, it's not that great' - or 'your just saying that' - no Eyores PLEASE!!!

5. Choose your company wisely: Confidence is contagious - We can each pick it up by hanging out with people who have a lot of it!

I'll end with 2 quotes that I LOVE!
Rosanne Barr: "The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it!"
Ayn Rand: "The question isn't who is going to let me?, it's who is going to stop me?"

Happy Saturday Divas! XO


myminimocs said...

my answer to the Ayn Rand quote... NO ONE!!! :)

excellent post!!!

Penelope Anne said...

Here Here Annie! :D

Anonymous said...

good job

Love Retro Colour said...

Great post! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is an inspiring post!

The Clever Kitty said...

Fabulous post! I love that Ayn Rand quote. ;)

Brandie said...

I am new to reading your blog but just had to comment, this post is so right on and exactly what I needed today. I need to write down those steps and commit to them. I have so much that I want to do and achieve and I am the only one stopping me from doing it. thanks for this:)

Penelope Anne said...

Hooray! Im SO glad it was helpful and inspiring! YOU GO GIRL!!!! XO

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