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Posted Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My middle son, Luke, is turning 4 in about a week. I am organizing a birthday party for him, and inviting his class. This will be his first *real* birthday party, so I want to make sure he has a lot of fun!

I asked my friend Darcy from And Then... to create something special for his party. If you've never seen Darcy's shop, then you NEED to check it out! She creates awesome craft kits for kids, and the best part is that everything, and I mean everything is included.

Darcy created this awesome caterpillar kit for Luke's party, and I just got it today.

You have got to see it!

First, we have a plastic shoe box sized container, personalised just for Luke:
Inside that container we found this super cute birthday card, just for Luke! He was thrilled to find this!

Here are each of the craft kits, individually packaged. All I have to do is give each child one of the plastic bags:

Each bag is ALSO personalised. Luke just LOVES seeing his name on all of the little bags!

Darcy even provided the paint, sponge brushes and little dixi cups for the paint. She thought of everything:
This is seriously cute, and seriously easy! I'm almost excited to have 12 three and four year olds painting in my back yard. Almost. :0)
If you have kids, or know someone who has kids, you NEED to check out Darcy's shop! You need to! She makes QUALITY time with your kids soooo much easier.

We can't wait to play!!

Thanks, Darcy!


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Karen Terry, Artist/Designer said...

I have bought several...I mean several kits for my grandkids! I love them. They are so user friendly for the kids and Darcy goes out of her way to personalize the kits. They come in neat little bags and really organized. I HIGHLY recommend them for the classroom, birthday parties or family projects! Karen Terry UWIB

Shan said...

THAT is adorable! I have never seen anything like it. I am going to totally check it out for projects for my kids this summer.

Darcy said...

Wow! How exciting to have my kits featured on EtsyKids. Thank you so much for the great post, Lisa Marie! And thank you for the sweet comments, Karen and Shan! This just made my day!

Unique Women In Business said...

This is so cute! I just love the kid kits Darcy makes! Keep up the great work Darcy!
Erin keys

Suzanne in TX said...

Great kit! I love this featured Etsian's work.

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