Milk Jug Whale Craft

Posted Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't want to just throw away your old milk jugs? Save them so your children can make milk jug whales.  After the whales are assembled they can be used in the bathtub or pool.

What you'll need:
old milk jugs with labels removed
glue gun
googly eyes
white or blue foam pieces
a whale book if you are using it as a lesson 

What you need to do:
if you are doing the craft with small children you will need to cut the "mouth" out for the children. Cut the bottom out as shown below.

Have your child color the tail blue if your foam pieces are a different color.

  Take the hot glue gun and glue the tail at the pouring opening and the googly eyes at the other end near the mouth opening.
There you have it. Milk jug whales for tons of bathtub fun!

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