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Posted Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Today we would like to introduce you to

Lemon Lane Organics has been selling on Etsy since 2012, they sell beautiful organic accessories for babies, toddlers, kids and moms. Today they are going to give us a little peak behind the scenes of their Etsy shop.

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What motivated you to start your shop?
I have been crocheting for many years, and before my son was born I had dabbled with a small Etsy shop, not really knowing what I was doing when I started. After taking a long hiatus from Etsy after I had my son, I was ready to get back into creating things to sell, and I wanted a fresh start. I had more knowledge about how to run an Etsy shop well and more focus on what market I wanted to reach with my products.
As an infant, my son suffered from eczema due to food and environmental allergens, and I began searching for ways to help and heal his skin without medications. My search started me on the path toward using more natural and organic products in our home and diets. I began learning about how even the chemicals we use in growing conventional cotton for our clothing can be detrimental to the earth and to our own health. This knowledge inspired me to create a line of baby and kids accessories using only yarns made from organic and minimally processed fibers. It is my goal to provide beautiful, heirloom quality crocheted and hand knit accessories that are also created in a sustainable, responsible manner.

What is your favourite creations from your shop?
It is really tough to choose a favorite, since I only make things that I enjoy making. I think one of my overall favorite things to make are boy's newsboy or flat caps. They are so cute and stylish and look great on boys of all ages.

What do you find most challenging about being an Etsy seller?
For me, the most challenging thing has always been time management and balancing my family responsibilities with my shop work. Being a stay at home mom means that I have no set work hours, so it is entirely up to me how much time to spend on making items and working online versus how much time to be fully present with my family. It is hard to find that balance and manage my time so that everything gets done well.

What's your personal philosophy behind your shop / products?
One of the most important aspects of Lemon Lane Organics that is different from many similar shops is that all my items are made using organic fibers. Sourcing my yarns from companies that support sustainable, responsible and humane farming practices and animal husbandry is very important to me, both as a consumer and a maker. I want parents who are concerned about these same values to feel confident knowing that every item they buy from me was made from materials that are not only going to be gentle on their little one's skin but gentle on the earth God gave us.

What do you do when you aren't working?
When I am not focussed on shop work, I am usually spending time with my little boy and my husband. We enjoy being outside enjoying our quiet little bit of Southern Illinois countryside. I also have two cats and a sweet rescue collie to care for and love on every day. My son has wheat and peanut allergies, so we eat gluten free as a family, which means I often get to spend extra time in the kitchen preparing meals that we can all enjoy together. Aside from crocheting and knitting, my other creative passion is music, and my husband and I have always been very involved in our church's music ministry.

Lemon Lane Organics is offering a 10% discount in their shop. To use the coupon visit their etsy store and enter code "ETSYKIDSBLOG" at checkout. Valid until December 19th 2014.

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sammysgrammy said...

I enjoyed getting to know LemonLane a little bit better. Very well written interview. Thanks for posting it.

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