The Top 8 Essential Toys For Children

Posted Thursday, August 01, 2013

With three children and many nieces and nephews of various ages I have come to the realization that it doesn't take long before the house is overrun with toys and that is why I am sharing this list of my 8 essential toys.

 One thing I have learnt is that the simpler and more basic toys have proved stayers.  I still have lego blocks and wooden blocks that my 18 year old played with. My parents have a box of lego that my sisters and I played with and now it gets brought out when the grandkids visit.
The toys with batteries, buttons, complicated flashing lights and sound effects mesmerized the children for a while but the trouble was the batteries went flat and the kids bored easily with them as the grew.  The more the toy can do , the less the kids can do with it and the quicker they will loose interest in playing with it.  The list of toys below are stayers.  You will find your child playing with them over and over and that is because it allows the kids to be inventive, use their imaginations and creativity.

My Essential Top 8 Toy List

1. Books
As a baby they will enjoy being read to, flicking through a cloth book, turning pages and discovering new colours.  As a preschooler books can be a bonding time for kids and parents and they will be demanding their favourite books are read over and over again.  As an older child it will take them to far away places, help them relax and be enjoyable. They will learn about colours and shapes, numbers and letters, language skills and fine motor skills as they turn the pages.
By Agutik
2. Blocks
There is nothing like stacking and building toys to keep the kids entertained for hours on end.  As babies they will find it hilarious when you build a tower and knock it down.  Stacking cups or wooden blocks will transform your preschooler into a little engineer. They teach kids maths concepts, shapes, space, balancing skill and gravity.
School ages kids love legos, duplo, K'nex.  These free style building toys let kids be creative and come up with their own designs.
By Little Woodlanders

3. Soft and Cuddly Toys
From babies to older children (even my teen has a teddy in his room) soft toys are a great source of joy. They relieve fear, provide comfort and teach kids to be gentle and show their feelings.  They will encourage pretend play and language skills as they care and talk to their toys.
By Green Pomelo Kids
4. Balls
From soft material balls for babies to soccer balls for bigger kids.  Kids love balls! Learning to catch, to share, to bowl over pins to kick goals and to juggle. Balls help with coordination and gets them active.  Balls will entertain kids of all ages.
By Lavender and Ladybugs

5. Dress Up Clothes
Every house with kids needs a dress up box.  Find some old ties, funny hats, high heels, a few scarves and fake jewellery and pop them into a box.  Watch as your kids transform themselves into all sorts of wonderful characters.  Kids are learning role playing and pretend playing is simply the best for their wonderfully imaginative minds.

6. Moving Toys
Whether it is toy cars and trucks, a dolls pram or a push along trolley moveable toys with wheels will entertain kids for a long time.  They help with motor skills, coordination and space awareness.
By Little Woodlanders

7. Art Supplies
Think playdough, pencils, crayons, paper glitter and glue.  It all sounds terribly messy but extremely fun.  You will be constantly amazed as what your child expresses while drawing or building with play dough.  Not only is it a chance for your child to be creative but it is great for fine motor skills and hand and finger coordination.
By Robedellarobi

8. Outdoor Toys
 Kids love playing outdoors.  Having designated toys for outdoors is a great way to get them out and enjoying some fresh air while playing.  Toys such as ride on cars, balls, buckets and spades, chalks, watering cans or  bigger toys such as swing sets are all great.  They encourage activity, running and playing.
By Cotton Aki

What toys would be on your essential toy list?

Written by Mel from Creative Wishes, Handmade Toys For Creative Play
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