Valentine’s Day Wreath Tutorial Using Curled Grosgrain Ribbon

Posted Monday, February 06, 2012

Today we have a guest post from Nikki In Stitches! She is sharing a lovely tutorial to make a pretty Valentine's day wreath.

This Valentine’s Day wreath couldn’t be sweeter…or easier to make!
See what I mean about the grosgrain curlicues? Too cute, right?

Before you can get started on your wreath, you need to “bake” your ribbon to curl it. You can get the full how-to here. After you’ve baked a few batches, you’ll be ready to follow the super simple how-to below for making the wreath…one that I know you’re going to want to leave up all year long!
Nikki, In Stitches

Foam wreath form
1/3 of a yard of coordinating fabric for wrapping your wreath form (I found mine in my stash!)
Straight pins
6 spools of 3/8″ ribbon, each containing 10 yards (I used 4 red with white polka dots, and 2 solid white.)

Cut strips of fabric about 2″ wide, and use them to cover your entire foam wreath. Use straight pins to hold each strip in place. (Just use two at the start to anchor your strip of fabric down, wrap, and then put two more at the end. Repeat with each strip until the entire form is covered.)

Gather your curlicues that you’ve already baked and cut into about 4″ lengths.
Pin the first one to the foam wreath by placing pin right in the center of the curlicue.

Pin the next one in place in the same manner, placing it close enough to the first so that they start to force each other to fold in half.


Repeat A LOT of times!

Repeat until your entire wreath form is covered!

Pssst! Ready for another cutie patootie project? Check out my “too stinkin’ cute” curlicue ponytail holders on All Things For Mom here!

Nikki In Stitches sells a lovely collection of hair accessories for kids and Mums! Visit her etsy shop.

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