Introducing Boorashka

Posted Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today We Introduce You to Svitlana from Boorashka!

Q: What motivated you to start your shop?
I've been working for banks for about 8 years before starting my craft business. There were a lot of papers, files, manuals in my life, and so few chances to create something new and unique. When I left office to give birth I found a lot of time to realize my craft ideas. The process appeared breathtaking, and soon I found out that other people loved my creations and were ready to pay for them – so I needed some place to sell this. Etsy became the ideal platform for selling my handmade work – it was comfortable for a newbie, had plenty of tools for development and promotion, for successful collaboration with other crafters and artists throughout the world.

Q: What is the story behind your shop name?
My shop name – boorashka – is a hint about popular character in Russian children's literature and animated films, Cheburashka. According to the story, Cheburashka is a funny little creature, unknown to science, he is a little bit naive and very kind.

Q: Do you have a favorite Etsy Shop (non-child related)?
I have a bunch of favorite shops with different goods and styles, but I'd like to feature two talented Ukrainian girls. I adore felted things by Lena Baymut – they are expressive and practical at the same time, beautiful and cozy. Hand embroidered pieces by Natalka are clever, honest and elegant. I've learned a lot from these remarkable crafters.

Q: What surprised you most about having your own craft / online shop?
Every day brings various surprises, maybe it is a surprise itself. Some necklaces are more demanded than others – we know the 80-20 rule, 20% of work produces 80% or more of results, and choice of a buyer is definitely surprising sometimes. Collaborative work with teammates from other countries is enthralling and full of surprises. Detailed and comprehensive feedback from a satisfied customer, and inclusion on Etsy's front page of course... Sometimes not so pleasant things happen too – postal delays, for example – but good surprises are prevailing.

Q: What do you find most challenging about being an Etsy seller?
At the moment my serious challenge is finding a balance between making simple, in demand pieces vs. creating something really new and unique. The first way is more safe, the second one may cause a lot of time and effort to be wasted, but... I definitely want to make something beautiful and practical, something that is not only pretty but also be useful.

Q: What's your personal philosophy behind your shop / products?
My products must be safe, sustainable and aesthetic. Otherwise they are not worth the time and effort.

Q: How would someone (other then you) describe you?
Active, expressive, bouncy. I hope so.

Q: What music do you have on while you are creating?
Light jazz or nature sounds. More energetic music may draw me away.

Q: What do you do when you aren't working?
Mostly walking and playing with my daughter, cooking. Promising myself to start my yoga exercises and to revive blogging.

Q: Please tell us a little about the children's items market / handmade movement in your Country?
Ukraine has been famous for its gifted crafters since olden times. I’m really happy that owing to modern communications technology, Internet and Etsy particularly we can share our creativeness with the whole world. It is really great and challenging.

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