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Posted Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paper, fabric and sewing are definitely my vices, use them in a cute project and you'll see my entire afternoon schedule change so I can dive right in and make it.

This is absolutely how I felt when I saw  Heather of TheSewingLoft's adorable project for LOVE LETTERS, sweet embellished paper envelopes filled with candy, earlier this month, and she's sharing the instructions with us today.  So grab some scrapbook papers, your sewing machine and some tiny candies and we'll spend the afternoon making these, okay? ... cause you and I will need dozens to pass around Valentines Day don't you think!

Here's what you'll need::

* solid, embossed and printed papers in reds and pinks for Valentine's Day
* little candies like M&Ms or Sweet Tarts
* parchment paper (kitchen) or vellum (scrapbooking)

Basic Instructions:
  1. To form your envelopes, cut paper and parchment into 4″ x 5.5″ rectangles. You'll get 4 rectangles from one sheet of 8x11 paper and 6 from a sheet of 12x12
  2. For the stamps, cut paper of choice into 1″ x 1″.
  3. Position stamp in upper right hand corner of paper along the 5.5" edge and stitch all around edge stitch.
  4. Stitch some fun straight or squiggly lines to represent the cancelled postage.  If needed, lightly draw these lines with a pencil 1st and then stitch over them.
  5. With your machine or marker, add some fun words like XOXO, Romeo, Cutie Pie, Hugs and Kisses, Sweet Thing, Heart Throb, etc. to the letter where the address goes.
  6. Match up your embellished envelope with parchment paper, wrong sides together and straight stitch around 3 sides - one short and both long - to form a “pocket”.  Fill the pocket with small candies.  Be careful - overfilling will make the pocket hard to close and may cause the papers to rip.
  7. Stitch up the opening, trim any loose threads and you are set!

A special thanks to Heather for sharing this project with us.  Visit Heather's blog for more fast and easy projects for handmade Valentine gifts at TheSewingLoftBlog. You can also follow her on Facebook at TheSewingLoftFB.

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