Olympic Breakfast

Posted Tuesday, August 07, 2012

If your house is like mine, the Olympics have been the only thing on our television for the last 10 days. We’re enjoying watching the athletes compete, learning about new sports, and celebrating the victories. Today, my son told me water polo is his favorite Olympic sport. Random, but he does love to swim and play in the pool.

These scones are super easy and a fun breakfast or snack while you watch the games. Scones are served with afternoon tea in Britain, with clotted cream and jam. Cheers!

Scones and Nearly Clotted Cream


Mix together

2c flour
3t baking powder
1/2t salt
2T sugar

Cut in

1/4c softened butter

Mix in

3/4c milk
1 beaten egg

Roll to a 1-inch thick circle. Transfer to baking sheet and cut into 6-8 wedges but don’t separate. (This time I cut them into 16 because I made them to share.) Bake 25 minutes at 400 degrees. Serve with nearly clotted cream (below) and jam.

 Nearly Clotted Cream


1c sour cream
1t brown sugar
1t vanilla

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