Sensory Activity:: Jello Sensory Play

Posted Saturday, June 23, 2012

If there is one thing Bug loves most it is sensory play! She used to be funny about it when she was little, but now she dives right in to whatever I may throw in her table. The other day I was roaming around Walmart and I saw some boxes of Jello and thought...hmm, that would be fun to play I grabbed about 4 boxes. I followed the instructions on the box and let it cool in the fridge. {I put a little aside for a snack too} After nap time was over the Jello was ready to play in! I dumped it into Bug's water table {which I use as a sensory table as well} and she went to town.

She must have played in it for about an hour. It was all melted and sticky by the time she was done with squishing and squashing it. It was a little messy to clean up, but I just dumped what I could into the garbage and hosed the table off.

It's always nice to expose the kiddos to different consistencies. We talked about the Jello and it's stickiness and the sound it makes when you squish it. Keep the conversation flowing and your kiddo will get a whole lot out of this easy & fun activity.

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