Finding the Perfect Sibling Outfits

Posted Monday, June 25, 2012

From Salinda of PersonalilTy, Southern Children's Clothing

Why do Moms love to dress their children alike? Who knows, but obviously, this is not a new phenomenon. My Momma dressed us alike on occasion, and yours probably did too. 

With the summer here, many families are planning sibling outfits for vacations, family reunions, weddings and of course, planning the annual holiday card photo.

Shopping for girls is easy.  Shopping for boys, can be easy -  if you know where to look!  Mixed gender can be tricky, but finding a shop and seamstress that does custom work helps immensely!

But, what do you do when your children range from newborn to 12???


Here’s an idea. Work for coordinating outfits instead. Put the baby in a seersucker jumper. Match big brother’s shirt to the jumper applique and add a seersucker touch. Finish off the set with a seersucker flower headband for big sister to wear with a white shirt and khaki shorts.

Another idea: Put the baby in a fun print. Find big brother a polo one of the colors from the baby’s dress. Big sister can add color with a bright scarf over her favorite white tee.

Etsy is an excellent source for coordinating accessories. Here are few of my favorites from EtsyKids Team members:


Work with your seamstress to develop the perfect color scheme for your growing family’s portraits to create a unique and totally personalized look the whole family will be happy with.

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