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Posted Monday, June 04, 2012

As a little kid my mother took us to the library every week.  It was a staple in her daily routine (one of her many techniques for maintaining sanity) and was a place we loved to go!

My siblings and I outside the public library, circa 1983.

Last week was our first week of summer, and the kids and I made the first of our weekly trips to the the public library.  We came home with a stack of books for each member of the family:

The 6th grader is loving the series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, by Michael Scott, the 5th grader is blazing through all the Harry Potter books, the 3rd grader is captivated by Percy Jackson and just started Rick Riordan's 2nd series, Hero's of Olympus, the Kindergartner picked up a stack of Star Wars graphic novels and beginning readers, and the preschooler and I had great fun picking out great story and picture books.

We also got everyone in the family (even mom an dad) signed up for the public library's summer reading program.

Summer reading programs are all around ... each with their own set of rules and incentives for finishing the program.  In most cases you read a certain number of books or minutes within a time frame set up by the sponsoring organization and when you turn in your log they will give you incentives/prizes/discounts for turning in your completed reading log.

Summer reading programs help encourage children to continue reading throughout the summer to help prevent regression in the progress they've made in the classroom.  They also provide added benefits for those kids who love to read, and needed incentives to those whose first instinct isn't to pick up a book.

Here are just a few of the summer reading programs you might consider taking advantage of in addition to doing your local public library's summer reading program.

We want to know what books your children are reading, and let us know of other great national summer reading programs we should . 

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TheTravelersCraftyWife said...

Oh my goodness, thanks for the great list of reading programs... can't wait to check these out :)

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