Posted Saturday, April 25, 2009

As I scurry around here today on this beautiful sunny Saturday - going from the computer to the sewing machine to the cutting table to the closets I'm cleaning out - you get the picture... I wonder how many other women/moms there' are running around doing similar activities?

I began reading the book 'living organized' by Sandra Felton, a couple of months ago and the book is truly eye opening. After reading it I realized that I really DON'T have to do every thing. Even small children can do simple things like take a rag and wipe the TV screen or baseboards and my boys LOVE to use those disposable toilet brush thingys and clean the toilet b/c after they get to 'pop' the heads off into the trash - so every Saturday they each get one toilet to clean.

I am, by nature a 'Messie' as opposed to a 'Cleany'. Messies tend to pile things up and deal with them later to postpone being uncomfortable in the present, where as Cleanies deal with things as they come so they are not uncomfortable later.

In the chapter on 'Making Changes' Sandra, offers a set of questions for you to ask yourself just to get your brain to thinking in a new direction, and I'd love to share those with you now - so grab a pen and pad and lets make some changes! :)

1. Describe your thoughts and feelings about the amount of work you do, especially in relation to the amount of work done by others in the family. Is it well balanced?

2. List the names of people in your household. Beside each name list one job you could transfer to them (after proper training - of course)

3. Are there any changes you can make in your life, such as establishing a car pool or dropping an activity?

4. If you hesitate to share activities with others or to simplify, what is the reason you think might contribute to that hesitation? Are you willing to question whether it is a wise reason to keep? Are you willing to abandon it?

5. If someone asks you to help them and you feel it is an imposition you should not participate in, will you be willing to say no when you would previously have said yes? Can you think of an example that might arise?

I hope this helps some of you Fab Divas :D We only have one life - and we don't need to spend 90% of it doing the grunt work - LOL! Enjoy this beautiful Day!


Penelope Anne said...

p.s - After posting - I decided to stop running. I'm now only going from sewing machine to computer - the rest of the day is for me!

myminimocs said...

excellent post - sounds like a great book!!!

The Clever Kitty said...

Great post! My daughter (21 months) was helping me rake leaves today, and she also loves to help unload the dishwasher. :)

SoBella Creations said...

My girls ages 3 & 6 help sort the laundry. And they help me load up the washer and dryer on days that I wash. They love it!

Penelope Anne said...

Alot of parents don't realize just how eager kids are to do 'grown up' things - they dont feel the same ugh that we do from the task! LOL

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