Easter Basket Craft for the Kids!

Posted Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Well I just realized that Friday is a no school day. Oh no what to do with the kids? Well I found this great craft today on http://www.familyfun.com/ on how to make a cute Easter Egg Basket.

Here is what you need:
Basket template (see Step 1)
Poster board square, 11 by 11 inches (for the base around which you weave the fabric)
Dyed T-shirt strips- I personally will use yarn with my 4 year old to do this
Tacky glue

1. print out the Easter basket template.

2. Trace the template onto the poster board square and cut it out.

3. Tie a knot at the end of 1 fabric strip and pull the knot between 2 panels of the base (B).

4. Weave the strip alternately over and under the panels (B and C). Glue the unknotted end of the fabric strip to the base.

5. Knot the end of each new strip and tuck the knot under an unglued section of a previously woven strip. After 3 or 4 strips are completed, gently fold the basket panels up so they begin coming together (C) to form a widemouthed basket (D). Tip: Don't squeeze the sides in too tightly as you work, or the basket will become too narrow at the top.

6. If necessary, use a dab or two of tacky glue to secure the fabric to the poster board, especially around the top. Let it dry.

7. Trim any excess poster board at the top, making sure there's still enough to support the topmost fabric strip. 8. Line the basket with straw or grass. Add eggs!

Here is the link which shows pictures on the steps:

Hey even if it does not come out perfect your kids were busy on a no school day for a little while!

I just found another craft from familyfun.com. This one is a video on how to do 3 Egg carton crafts for Easter/ spring


Written by thelittleLOVEbug

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Jessie said...

This is great, thanks for giving me something to do tomorrow!

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