Meet Etsy Seller Sew Little Ones

Posted Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Today we would like to introduce you to Cindy
and her Etsy shop Sew Little Ones

Sew Little Ones has been selling on Etsy since September 2009, she specializing in a variety of embroidered handmade baby and toddler keepsakes at affordable prices. Today she is sharing a little about her shop and selling handmade items.

Small Baby Bottle Holder Ball /Activity Toy Etsykids Team - sewlittleones Personalize Zebra Hot Pink Handbag-Little Girls Purse Etsykids team - sewlittleones Personalize Cookie Monster Modern Print Patchwork Baby Blanket Etsykids Team - sewlittleones Personalize Hot Pink & Zebra Print Coin Purse - sewlittleones

What motivated you to start your shop?
I've always had a great passion for sewing. My aunt started teaching me on her industrial machines fairly young at about 13 years old. Even though I diverted and join the military (US Navy) as a hospital corpsman I never gave up on the love of sewing. It wasn't until I had my fourth child that I decided that I would need to be a full time mom and still be able to support them financially. Therefore, I put the joy of sewing which started off as a hobby to benefit others as well as my little ones. So my children were the greatest motivating key aspect for me in starting up my Etsy shop.

What is the story behind your shop name?
In coming up with my shop name, there were many criteria to choose from. First of all I wanted something that would explain what I do, without me having to. It had to be easy to pronounce and easy to remember. After brainstorming so many different combinations of phrases and words, finally something caught my attention. So with that in mind the name Sew Little Ones took shape, form and flight.

What surprised you most about having your own craft / online shop?
What surprised me the most was how easy it was to set up my Etsy shop and how customers engage and interact with such love and passion for my handmade products.

What is your favourite creations from your shop?
I think my favorite creation from my shop would be my Baby Bottle Holder Ball. You could only imagine starting off with 36 individual pieces of fabric and ending up with such a beautiful work of art. It brings such pleasure and always amazes me every time.

What do you find most challenging about being an Etsy seller?
The most challenging find about Etsy would be trying to keep my goal to ensure that my Etsy shop stands out from the crowd while endlessly trying to promote my brand.

Sew Little Ones is offering 15% OFF CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE!  To use the coupon visit her etsy store and enter code "XMASJULY15" at checkout. Valid on orders over $30, expires 31st July 2013.

Hot Pink and White Cow Print Patchwork Baby Blanket - sewlittleones Large Baby Bottle Holder Ball-Owl with Green Background - sewlittleones Michael Miller Floral Pink Personalize Pillowcase - sewlittleones Personalize Orange Owl Handbag - sewlittleones

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