Butterfly Garden Birthday Party !

Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Butterfly and Garden parties are a big hit this year . Every little girl loves Butterflies and the whole concept of a caterpillar turning into this beautiful creature is a great educational theme as well. Here are some great Items from EtsyKids team members to help you with the party and check out the great coupon codes at the end of this post just for us !

 A home Garden is a great and easy location for this theme- your back or front yard will work well !
An indoor space or sun room would be perfect as well with the right decorations . A lot of city parks let you take out permits to use there location if your yard isn't right for the party. Another trend I have been seeing is Butterfly exhibits at local Zoos and Museums . With admission you can have the kids learn all about these creatures and more.

Once the Date and Location are definite here are some great invitations to consider. They are both sent in digital form where you can print from your own home or from a local print shop.
The First one on your left is from SwishPrintables . Its is very cute and the 2 butterflies are bold and bright and in adorable colors ! The second one is from Smallfrynotables its more of a garden theme showing the sun , other buggies and butterflies as well ! Matching items are available as well to complete the look.

Every birthday girl or boy needs a special outfit for that day ! If you want to go fancy and full of butterflies with tulle and whimsy then these are for you . On your top left you have this amazing dress in a orange and gold color scheme from Chachalouise its is made with satin and lace fabric and is stunning ! The second dress here is an adorable Monarch butterfly theme Tutu and antlers from Thetrendytotshop you can pair it with wings and a black shirt and your little butterfly is ready to fly!
Now if your daughter is not into satin or tulle then how great are these sneakers from Boygirlboygirldesign . Pair them with jeans and a cute tee they are perfect !!

On to Decorations for your home or garden .Starting from top left this Amazing wooden door decoration from Woodenbling is just great to accent any tree or fence for your garden best of all it looks great far beyond the party ! If your going for an indoor party look then these paper flowers from Leilasflowergarden  These are great to hang on the wall to decorate a tree decal - on tables  to dress up your table scape - Add them to vases as a centerpiece you can go on and on with these !
The Balloon buddy from Kidsloveletters comes in 3 great colors and patterns they are great as favors but I was thinking to hang them from trees as beautiful additions to your garden scape as well . Banners are always fantastic decor as well and this fabric one from Stitchinnetka is a beautiful color and fabric scheme and you can hang these everywhere as well ! mix and match is always OK to go beyond one color and look .

Now you need to keep these little buggies busy before they buzz out !! here are some ideas for crafts for this theme -
Decorate your own wings - Buy white poster board and draw the outline of butterfly wings big enough for the age of the guest . Punch out two holes on each side where the child's waste would go and you can add ribbon around the waste through the holes for them to wear there wings. Have a table set up with glitter , markers, stickers , ribbons etc and have the kids make there own wings !
Another great craft is have them decorate there own terracotta pots with paint and glitter etc then have them plant there own seeds for flowers to grow in - they will have to take care of the plant or flower when they get home teaching responsibility as well .
Favors to bring home are always a great memento from your child's special day. Starting from top left you have Favor tags from TooCuteInvites that are adorned with glitter and great to attach to any favor bag, terracotta pot etc. These hair clips from Thelaughygiraffy are adorable little ladybugs in sets of three so you can give one each in a goodie bag or give all three ! I love this art folio from Lilbdesigns not only the design but the concept of having crayons, chalk and mini board and a notepad all in one little wallet ! its genius to keep them busy anywhere ! These Felt Brooches from Melscreativewishes are a great favor as well that they can wear with a great outfit or decorate there backpacks with .

Food Ideas for this theme is simple as well . Stick to nature inspired theme
Fill Terracotta pots with all different types of granola mixes or sunflower seeds -age permitting of course.
Everyone loves little mud cups - fill cups with crumbled chocolate cake and add gummy worms for that buggy look .
Make a veggie platter as if its still in a planter using garden sticks to lable them have them "harvest" there own snacks.
Make a sub sand which and assemble each piece in a squiggly line add 2 celery sticks to the top of the last one for antlers and olives for eyes and you have a great Caterpillar !

As I always say be as creative and full of imagination as your child and you will have a great party ! Big or small remember its all about them and there special day . I hope you enjoyed these great finds and check back every month for a new theme .

All these Items were selected from EtsyKids Team members by me and they have been kind enough to include some coupon codes below! Saving money anyway you can is always a perk! All shop names mentioned in the post are linked to the shop.

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Smallfrynotables -10% off their order in July. Etsykidsjuly
ThELaUgHyGiRaFfY -15% off coupon code. Just use party15
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Leilasflowergarden -15% discount when coupon code "party"
SwishPrintables Changed from SwishDesigns on Jun 10, 2013 -Coupon code for 10% off of all purchase is: ETSYKIDS
LilBDesigns -offers party pack pricing for "bulk" orders of 5 or more or 20% off w/code SPECIAL20
Chachalouise -CHARLOTTE free shipping
Stitchinnetka -10% discount if they use coupon : SMILE1.
TooCuteInvites – 10% off with code FLUTTER

Happy Celebrating and Stay tuned for next months post !

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Aneta Hayne said...

Great post filled with beautiful inspirations :)

Creative Wishes said...

what a lovely theme for a birthday party. Such pretty butterfly items too.

SwishDesigns said...

Thanks so much for including my invitation and for the great resources!

Adriana Too Cute Invites said...

Thank you all !!! It was so fun planning it :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing these photos! I love that I recognize other bloggers kids at Toby's party. Talk about one big happy online community. Birthday Party

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