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Posted Thursday, November 01, 2012

Today we would like to introduce you to Stacy
and her Etsy shop The Fancy Fritter

The Fancy Fritter has been selling on Etsy since January 2009, she sells a beautiful range of handmade bibs, burp cloths, pillowcase dresses and more! Today she is sharing a little about her shop and selling handmade items.
What motivated you to start your shop? 
I learned how to sew about 5 years ago before I became pregnant with my first child. After finding out she was a girl, I started sewing more and I made lots of baby items for her. My friends and family loved what I made and encouraged me to sell them. Being a SAHM, it is a fun way for me to enjoy my hobby & make a little extra money. :-) I branched out into making children's clothing & baby items, so in January 2009 opened The Fancy Fritter. I love vintage linens and I love quality designer fabrics, so you may see a little bit of both in my shop! Maybe together or separate, but always one of a kind creations! 

What is the story behind your shop name?
The Fancy Fritter??? What does that mean? Well for all of you who have children, you know that all sorts of crazy things pop out of your mouth when you are either singing to them or playing with them and since my daughter was little I have just called her "fritter." She can be a "fussy fritter" or a "funny fritter", but she will always be a "fancy fritter." Totally corny, I know but I guess that is what motherhood does to you. :-) It 

What surprised you most about having your own craft / online shop?
How much time actually needs to be invested to make it successful. Not only creating your items, but taking nice photos, promoting and advertising  etc. With being a busy mom, there are times that I'm not able to invest as much time as I would like, but when I am able to get a lot of items made and listed the more success I have. It is definitely one of those things where you get out of it as much as you put in. It is just not as easy as it may look to some people! :-)

What do you find most challenging about being an Etsy seller?
Being an Etsy seller can be challenging because with the growth of Etsy sometimes you can feel like a small fish in a huge pond. I am still learning the best ways to get good views, promote items, etc. I am thankful for a place to sell my handmade items, but those problems have been a bit of a challenge. 

What's your personal philosophy behind your shop / products?
I want my items to be beautiful, one of a kind, and be a quality items for my customers. I want my customers to love what I made for them and come back for more in the future! :-)

What do you do when you aren't working?
When I am not working on my Etsy shop, I am busy with my 2 small children as a stay at home mom. My inspiration behind my shop, "Fritter" is 4 and I have a 15 month old son. I am always on my toes, but try to work on new items during naptimes & nighttime. I am involved in my church, love to go to coffee with friends, spend time with my husband, shop for fabric or other crafts, and browse blogs & Pinterest. 

The Fancy Fritter is offering a 10% discount for our blog reades! To use the coupon, visit her etsy store and enter code 'ETSYKIDS10' at checkout. The voucher is valid until the end of December 2012.
You can also visit The Fancy Fritter at her blog and her facebook page.





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