Toddler Sensory Activity: Planting Flowers

Posted Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's finally warming up here in NY and we are enjoying watching the flowers bloom! Here's a fun sensory play idea to welcome Spring.

What you need:
  • dried black beans {I used 2 bags}
  • fake flowers
  • small flower pots
  • any other gardening tools you have around the house {we used shovels and a small watering can}
  • sensory table {If you don't have a sensory table {I don't} then you can use a bowl, Tupperware, one of those disposable lasagna pans {which we used}...pretty much anything your little heart desires. There are also tons of sensory table DIYs around the internet if you are handy enough to make one yourself. We also have a water table that we like to use.}

What to do:
  • empty out your beans into the sensory table
  • trim flowers so they aren't too large for the kiddos {make sure no metal is sticking out - you may want to tape the bottom just in case}
  • have the children "plant" their flowers by filling a planter with beans and sticking in the flower{s}
  • we also have a small watering can to pretend to water the flowers

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