The Power of Positive Emotion

Posted Saturday, November 07, 2009

It turns out that we can still be happy even when we're worrying, according to a new study by the University of NC - if we also savor positive emotions in everyday life. The study showed that experiencing moments of awe, amusement, joy, interest, and other positive feelings builds up our emotional resources - even when those emotions occur on the same day as negative ones. A larger reserve of emotional resources enables us to rebound better from stress and ward off depression, the researchers say. To build up your daily reserve - here are some recommendations:

Find healthy, low or now cost activities you enjoy and can do daily, such as running, reading or knitting.

Seek out nature. Studies show that being around water, trees and sky boosts positive emotions.

Truly connect with others. Rather that gossip together, try to engage with friends in a positive way.

Make a gratitude list. Jot down good things that happen during the day to you or your family.

~Information was taken from Parent and Child magazine, Nov 09 issue~
~Painting is one of my VERY favorites and I just wanted to share 'Flaming June'
by Frederick Leighton

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