Camping with Kids

Posted Friday, July 11, 2014

Submitted by Nancy of TutuCute&Moore.

Camping with kids is great family fun and we all become kids at heart when sleeping in the great outdoors. But with a few precautions and a little extra planning the adventure will be memorable for years to come.
Safety tips for happy campers:

• Young children should stay within eyesight, and older children within earshot.

• Children over the age of four should carry a simple survival kit, or at least a whistle to call for help if lost. The standard distress signal is three blows to indicate "I'm lost" or "I need help."

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• Pack a days worth of clothing for each child in zip lock bags, so clothes stay organized. Every morning your child can grab the bag, with their name on it, and have a full set of clothes for the day. At night the dirty clothes go back in the bag, thus keeping the clean and dirty clothes separated.

• The key to comfortable camping with kids is to dress them in several layers, which can be removed as the sun comes up or added as the sun sets.

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• Children love flashlights, and having one also makes them more at ease after dark. To prevent arguing over the flashlight, allow each child to have their own with their name on it.

• Flashlights are also handy when making trips to the restroom, for making shadow puppets on tent walls, searching for bugs and for reading before bed.

• Bring along a game you all like to play at home. Playing it outdoors with a lantern or flashlights will add to the fun.

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• Teach your kids to treat the outdoors kindly. Make sure all waste is disposed of properly when camping or hiking along the trails.

• Two or more children will entertain themselves for longer periods than will a single child, so you may want to invite a playmate along.

• Get the kids involved by making a check list of camping equipment, games and favorite toys for traveling, food and snacks, rainwear, camera, phone, bug sprays, medical kit, etc.. Don’t forget to check it twice before leaving home.

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