Penguin Potato Winter Craft

Posted Monday, January 27, 2014

We love finding things around the house to create art with.  My younger daughter just loves penguins and I  had her in mind when I found this craft.  We are big into re-using and re-purposing at our home so I used old brown paper bags and cut them up into squares with funky scissors.

** We like to find books on the crafts we are making to turn it into a mini lesson or just some fun reading time so we got out our penguin books after we made the craft.

What you'll  need:
  • potatoes- 2 different size pieces. One for the larger black body and one for the white belly.
  • non toxic paint-white,orange, and black
  • googly eyes, one per penguin
  • brown paper bag cut up into squares
  • Dip the larger potato piece into the black paint and stamp onto brown paper
  • take the smaller piece of potato and dip in the white paint, stamp over the black paint onto the body.
  • use a finger to dip into the orange paint and create a beak and the feet.
  • glue on a googly eye after the paint is dry

My daughter had so much fun with this project that she decided she wanted to make a whole "penguin family" on another sheet of paper which is what she is doing above.

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