It's Not Too Late for Some Eco-friendly Holiday Tips and Tricks.....

Posted Monday, December 23, 2013

The holiday season is in full swing! Running errands, extra trash, and buying gifts take up a lot of resources. That doesn't mean you and your family have to forgo all of your eco-friendly practices. I've compiled a small list of tips and tricks to keep things eco-friendly in your household during the busy holidays season.

Wrapping gifts: 
  • Find a unique way to wrap a gift. Your children can decorate paper or you can use the art work they bring home from school. 
  • Newspaper can be used to wrap gifts. 
  • Use fabric to decorate gifts, fabric can be stored and reused. 
  • Put the gift into a reusable fabric bag and tie it in a bow, it's two gifts in one.

Holiday Lights:

  • If you haven't already done so upgrade you festive holiday lights to CFL or LED, you will use about 75% less energy. 
  • Some home improvement stores even give you a coupon or discount for trading in your old incandescents. 
  • Don't forget to use a timer on your lights.

  • A different option for a tree is to buy a living tree. Sure it's a little more complicated but you can enjoy the tree for many years to come in your backyard. 
  • Decorate with nature; go outside and get berries,branches,leaves and put them in vases instead of buying decorations. 
  • Use fun cloth napkins instead of paper ones. They brighten up any table and are easy to throw in the laundry.

  • Whether you are cooking for a small or large group allow your oven to multi task.
  •  Bake several items at once and use glass and ceramic cookware. Food will cook quicker and you can reduce your cooking temperature. 

Buying gifts: 

  • Buy less, focus on quality instead of quantity and create thoughtful home made gifts. Buy used, shop consignment sales for used toys. Many are in great condition. 
  • Shop local and online ( Etsy of course!)

  • If you send cards opt for online cards or recycled paper. 
  • When you are finished with your cards send them to St.Judes.  They accept new and used cards all year long. Check out their guidelines for specific details.

Dorinda's shop, Raising Green Kids, offers eco-friendly products for your family. Follow her on Facebook and twitter and at her blog.

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Suzanne Holt said...

There isn't anything during the holidays like the fresh scent of a real Christmas tree and it is a good gesture to be earth friendly!

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