Naughty and Nice

Posted Monday, July 16, 2012

I walked into the living room to discover Maizie playing with my Fashion Plates. That's right, my circa 1978 favorite Christmas present ever,  Fashion Plates.  We are still unpacking from our move, and my husband had piled my childhood stencil set onto my five year old's stack of drawing toys.  Although, how he could have confused my vintage 1978 Fashion Plates with her princess riffraff, I just can't understand.

I handled the situation in a completely adult manner.

"HEY, those are mine!" I announced. Besides, she was using the crayon in totally the wrong way to get a good transfer. She looked up from her paper. "Mommy, look what these do!"

" Yeah, I know, they're mine."

Next to the drawings she had just done, I saw a stack of my own old drawings.  My mom must have packed them all away together with the box, when I had outgrown the toy. I sat down with my daughter, and showed her how to use the crayon sideways to get a better outline.  I flipped over the stencils to show the different patterns she could use for fabrics. Together, we put together tops and bottoms and middles to make outfits.

I told her they were a Christmas present when I was a girl. "Your favorite-est?" she wondered.
I passed her the pink pencil, and looked at those eyes so intent on her picture."Yes, my very favorite-est".  She didn't know that I wasn't talking about my circa 1978 Fashion Plates.

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