Tutorial: Show Off Your Shamrocks

Posted Saturday, March 03, 2012

From Peggy at ComfyCozyKeepsakes.

I’m Irish. 1/4 Irish tossed in with 1/4 Polish and 1/2 German. I LOVE my heritage – all 3 of them. I also   LOVE to decorate for holidays. I have a bin for each and I can tell you right now that my St. Patrick’s Day bin is too small for my liking.

That means it’s time to make some more decorations!!

This is one of the easiest craft projects ever!

Materials needed:
  • Shamrock clip art. Copy a simple and FREE file on line or draw your own. 
  • 2 sheets of paper or card stock. Card stock works better. 
  • Scissors 
  • Yarn – white 
  • Green Felt or Craft Foam. I like the “natural” look of felt over foam. 
  • Tape 

You probably don’t even need directions do you? OK, if you are truly “crafting challenged”, read on:

1.  Copy or trace the Shamrock shape onto the paper/card stock. Cut them out. I used 2 sizes of shamrocks on mine.
2.  Trace shamrocks onto Felt or Foam. Cut them out.
3.  Cut TWO very small holes, evenly spaced, at the top and bottom of shamrocks. 
4.  Cut Yarn to desired length for windows or doors. 
 5.  Slip yarn through holes in shamrocks. Tie a knot at the bottom so the shamrock doesn't slip off.

6.  Hang with tape on windows or doors. TA DA!

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TheSewingLoft said...

super cute and easy for the kids to do. thanks for sharing Peggy!

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