Challenge Yourself!

Posted Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hi Diva's! I'm SO late this weekend - its seems my life is a constant whirlwind -
me and the kiddos went to see 9 today (and it was smashing indeed).

I decided that I would chill out for a couple of weeks - I finished up a few orders that had been lingering. But the big change was I cleaned up my topsy turvey house when my brother came to visit on labor day - it had been so long since I had packed up the sweat shop that I had forgotten how cool it was to be able to walk through the house without tripping! LOL! We continued to do a 'clean sweep' before we go to bed at night and so far so good.... friend Gail, who just finished up her degree a couple of days ago decide to celebrate by starting a 365 challenge - yep - you guessed it - that's a full year of creating something every single day! She has been doing school so many years and now that she has time to create - she can't wait! I was inspired by her - so, I to will be participating in the 365 challenge, BUT not the sewing you would expect - I figure if I'm going to challenge myself that I should think out of the box. I will use this challenge as a way to try all those projects that Ive found in magazines, books and online and make them - it's almost like I'm giving myself permission to be 'free'. Instead of feeling like I have to be consumed with keeping new things in my shops - I'm going to be consumed with trying new things and keeping my house in order! Then, when I get an order online - It will be refreshing instead of daunting to sit down and sew! YAY! I'm very excited and I will keep you all posted on my projects! I'm sure everyone can find new ways to challenge themselves and I'd love to hear your ideas! XO


The Clever Kitty said...

What a fabulous idea! My life's a little too crazy right now to commit to a 365 challenge of creating, but I can't wait to see your projects! Hmm...I really need to declutter my house - maybe I should do a 365 declutter challenge, and get rid of one piece of clutter every day for a year. ;D

Penelope Anne said...

Shannon - thats an excellent idea - I will join you on that one if you start it! LOL!!!

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