Stiff Competition for the Cardboard Box

Posted Sunday, January 11, 2009

During the long winter months when children are spending a lot more time indoors rather than out, parents around the world are looking for ways to keep their little ones occupied with something other than the television! As the mother of five children under the age of nine, I am constantly looking for toys that will spark my children's imagination, and will get used over and over again in a hundred different ways. I recently found some fellow EtsyKids team members who are providing children with beautifully crafted imaginative play accessories that will rival a large cardboard box in provide your children with hours of independent play.

birchleafdesigns, offers whimsical, natural wood and fabric playthings, like this wooden sword with leather sheath and strap, or wooden shield (right).

The mother/daughter team of worldofwhimm, specialize in beautifully crafted props meant to spark the imagination of kids and adults. The Indian Headdress and Royal Crown, pictured at left, are both from worldofwhimm.

There is something universal about a piece of fabric tied around the shoulders of a young child that instantly transforms boy or girl into an invincible superhero, a brave knight, or a royal prince or princess.

superflykidz expertly crafted "official" looking satin superhero capes (pictured right) complete with embroidered emblems offer little and big kids a versatile cape perfect for use in lots of different imaginary worlds. Masks are also available in a variety of colors, to preserve your little hero's identity as they soar through the kitchen.

babypop's Supreme Superhero Pack (pictured left) will provide die hard superhero's with just what they need ... a matching Tee, Cape, Gloves, and Mask, all in their favorite superheros colors ... to save the world everyday.

So if your little ones need a little help jump starting their imaginations this winter, look to these talented EtsyKids team members and their handmade accessories for some quality handmade help. You won't be disappointed!

* Written by TinyStitches.

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