It's International Babywearing Week!

Posted Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Babywearing is a beautiful practice that helps babies feel secure and happy, helps regulate their body temperature and breathing, helps them learn, helps them bond with their caregivers, promotes breastfeeding success and even lets a caregiver get something done! Help us celebrate and promote babywearing this week by checking out all of the great EtsyKids sellers who build the handmade carriers that help us keep baby close.

Here are some of my favorites!

RaeGun offers up these amazing traditional Chinese carriers (Mei Tais), which are great for a super comfortable back carry or very well supported front carry and work well into toddlerhood. And I love the cute little bird!

Slingsandsacks creates sweet wrap style carriers. Wraps are very supportive and comfy, though they take a little learning to use properly.

At BabyPockets I offer my very favorite type of sling - silk ring slings! They are strong, versatile, and quick to get on, and great for newborns to toddlers, though they take more learning than mei tais or pouches to get properly adjusted.

Gorgeousbaby makes beautiful reversible pouch slings! Pouch slings are nice for a tiny one, and they are fitted, so there are no adjustments to make or straps or buckles to fiddle with.

Babeagogo also makes lovely pouch slings and features very clear instructions for measuring to get JUST THE RIGHT FIT.

There are so many other EtsyKids members who sell baby carriers, please check them out. Some may even be featuring a sale this week! I know at BabyPockets we're offering free shipping anywhere through Saturday. Let's whip out those slings and wraps and all enjoy the super snuggle of a great baby carrier together!

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